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4 March 2019

Anchor member Valmet Automotive to launch volume battery production

Valmet Automotive, a founding Anchor member of the AVM ecosystem, announced, on February 28th, its plan to launch large scale production of battery packs in Salo, Finland. At the plant, the company will produce batteries for the needs of the automotive industry and will begin production before the end of the year. With the launch of the Salo plant, Valmet Automotive takes the next step in its strategy to become a globally leading supplier of battery packs and push Finland’s battery industry forward.

The AVM ecosystem supports Valmet Automotive’s expansion in the battery field through the Battery Ecosystem initiative. The planned plant will engage a large number of ecosystem partners, many of which are Finnish SMEs with strong growth and export ambitions, to strengthen Valmet Automotive’s network as it grows internationally.

Read more about Valmet Automotive at their website