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4 September 2018

Niinivirta’s electric cargo truck featured in video at SuomiAreena

AVM SME member Niinivirta joined Synocus and the WALCC at the AVM ecosystem’s exhibition stand at this year’s SuomiAreena forum in Pori, Finland in July, where it displayed one of the company’s three electric cargo trucks. The electric cargo trucks, currently operating in Tampere and the capital region, are the first fully-electric cargo trucks to be taken into use in Finland and offer an emissions-free solution ideally suited to logistics in tightly packed urban areas.

On the video shot during the SuomiAreena forum and the concurrent seminar held at the Rosenlew museum, see Niinivirta’s Managing Director Airi Kuokkanen, along with one of the drivers operating these vehicles in Finnish cities, present the benefits of using electric vehicles in logistics operations in the video produced by Finnish YouTube channel KONEOSASTO.

Niinivirta’s electric cargo truck in action at SuomiAreena (In Finnish)