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18 April 2019

NUME launches Nordic Urban Mobility scenario process

Mobility is undergoing a radical transformation. The realities of climate change bring an increasingly critical perspective to our mobility systems, with air travel and private cars coming under criticism and policy-makers considering ways to reach the most environmentally friendly transport solutions. Preparing for these changes requires figuring out what the earth will look like in 2030. This view is being developed through the Nordic Urban Mobility 2030 scenario process, which aims to find new innovative solutions for maintaining, planning, and further developing mobility in the Nordic.

NUME, supported by the World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities and Synocus, have launched a scenario process exploring the transition of transportation currently unfolding. The scenario process offers perspectives on the evolution of the industry from the perspectives of cities, citizens, and companies operating in the field. The Nordic Urban Mobility 2030 scenario process has begun to build an understanding of this transformation by considering the realities and challenges facing Finland’s 21 largest cities through a survey conducted in February and March as well as discussions with leading industry experts.

The process now continues in a series of three participatory workshops hosted on April 24th, May 15th, and June 6th in Helsinki, Finland which welcome those interested in considering how the world will look a decade from now. If you are interested in joining us for these workshops you can find more information in the WALCC’s special newsletter introducing the process and register for the workshops through Google Forms here, for the April workshop, here, for the May workshop, and here for June’s concluding workshop.

The results of the scenario process will be published in a report to be presented at the SuomiAreena forum this July and brought to an international audience through the WALCC’s annual Autumn Forum held September 31st and October 1st in Hanasaari, Espoo. Please find more information about the forum here.