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Nurturing mobility transition

Electrification, connectivity, autonomy, and services are shaping the future of transport. Nordic Urban Mobility Ecosystem (NUME) supports the transition of Finland’s transportation system in this dynamic phase. Supported by Business Finland, the objective is to speed up growth and internationalization of participating ecosystem members. NUME actively promotes pilots and demonstrations involving large corporations, SMEs, city authorities, and researchers.

What we do

Nordic Urban Mobility Ecosystem (NUME) is an ecosystem supporting the transition of transportation and the growth and internationalization of companies in the Nordic transportation and mobility sectors. The formation of the ecosystem was possible thanks to the support of Business Finland. NUME is also an innovation platform supported by and generating growth for its members. Through its extended network, NUME also offers access to leading academic research (Aalto University, Tsinghua University, University of Tokyo, UC Berkeley, London Business School etc.).

Our Mission

Co-creating transformative mobility solutions and vehicle technologies in the Nordics, and quickly leveraging the results internationally.


Accelerating innovation by conducting piloting and capability building activities:

  • transport-related technologies (e.g. 5G, electrification, autonomous driving); and
  • mobility services and new business models integrating public and private transport services.


Joint capability building and action learning with industrial leaders (ABB, Fortum, Ponsse, Telia, Valmet Automotive, etc.).


Piloting new enabling technologies for mobility services: Connectivity, Electrification, and Autonomy.


International expansion of the ecosystem: Identifying potential collaboration cities outside of the Nordics by collaborating with WALCC.


The New Logic of Urban Innovation

Published in October 2019 together with the World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities and Synocus this publication introduces the concept of “transcendent innovation” as a new way for cities to combine the immediate and longer-term perspectives in their development work.

Read or download the report



NUME continually launches new technologies and services on international markets based on successful piloting in the Nordics.

City Collaboration

NUME is a key collaboration partner for leading cities in the Nordics supporting the introduction of new mobility services and technologies. The WALCC and NUME are also active influencers of the transport legislation in the Nordics, and the market conditions reflect new forms of private-public collaboration in the transportation field.

Expert Status

NUME is a recognized expert by public and private transportation decision-makers within the business society. Its leading individuals are also frequent speakers at international events.


Export Revenues

A key performance indicator for NUME is the number of new jobs created thanks to the company-specific initiatives supported by NUME.

Successful ecosystem

Based on its early success, NUME is committed to continuing as a market-driven community supporting its members and collaborating closely with  WALCC.


NUME welcomes participating organizations from business, government, and research who have an interest in contributing to the development of future mobility solutions which are automated, connected, electric, and shared.

Anchor organizations

Together with the WALCC the anchors establish the rules of the ecosystem and steer its development through the Advisory Group.

Member organizations

Participate actively in the execution of one or several work packages in the project and carry out own development work to strengthen the ecosystem.

Observer organizations

Are interested in following how the ecosystem evolves e.g. by participating in open workshops organized by the WALCC relating to the project. Observer organizations may join the community as a Member at a later point.

Interested in joining NUME?

Together, ecosystem members establish the rules of the ecosystem and steer the development through an open and trustful collaboration. Some of the members become anchor organizations and start to drive their own focus areas within the ecosystem.
Let us know you're interested and we'll get back to you!
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